Massage Services Bromley, SE & Central London




Voyo Wellness Massage Studio

Voyo Wellness Massage Studio

Our Bromley clinic, The Wellness Suite, is located on the ground floor of Deskteam services offices with good accessibility for disabled clients. With a waiting area in reception if you arrive early for your appointment. The treatment room, is given over to client wellbeing, providing a peaceful calming and nurturing environment in which to relax and unwind and promote healing.

Corporate/Office Massage

Corporate/Office Massage

Our therapists come to your office or workplace, and deliver on site massages to suit your space and financial requirements. 

Whether its for a wellness week or as part of a wellness program for your company, we can help improve productivity, reduce stress and presenteeism.

Mobile Massage Therapist

Mobile Massage Therapist

Our therapist comes to you, and you get to relax, unwind in your home or hotel, feel safe in the comfort an environment of your choosing.
No travelling after the treatment, undoing the effects of the massage. 
Hard day at work – Have a therapist start your evening unwind, with a after work massage.

Relaxing Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a gentle relaxing massage, perfect if you have never had massage before, or prefer a light to medium massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue Massage, is a firmer massage which soothes away, great for addressing tight & knotted muscles

Sports Massage

Sport Massage is used to prevent injury and facilitate healing of pre-existing injuries

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga Massage is a clothed Massage, Traditionally performed on the floor, that works on meridian points and includes stretching of the muscles

Thai Foot Massage

A clothed massage that works on the feet and lower legs, similar to reflexology

Indian Head Massage

A head massage that will relax and refresh. Normally delivered seated rather than laid on a couch